How to add a new language

The Volcanic Platform supports multi-lingual capabilities including most popular European and Asian languages. 

Why use Languages 

It means that if you're targeting a Japanese market then you will be able to display your website in Japanese including blogs, page content, reference data and job adverts. 

How to add a New Language 

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the Volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Global". Click here then click "Languages". You will see a quick snapshot all of the languages that you have on the platform including the name and reference. 






Step 2. Click "New Language". Pick one of the languages from the "Select Language". For example, Japanese. Then make sure to place the language reference in for example, "ja". Click "Save", you have now successfully allowed your website to have a new language translation. 


Step 3. Start to import the translations for the platform including: disciplines, blogs, page content.