How to add an event to your recruitment website

This video gives you a quick run-through of how to add a new event to your recruitment website.

Hi everyone, today I am going to guide you through how to create an event on your Volcanic website. 

So in the top menu of your admin screen, go to Your Website, and then within the content section, go to Events. 

In the top right corner of the page, you will then find the NEW button. Click on this and you will arrive at the New Event page where you will be presented with all the fields required to create your event. 

So let's go through each of these now: 

The title field is where you enter the name of your event. 

The user is the person who is entering the event data onto this page. This field is where you enter the location of your event, so let's say, London. The URL is a link to you external event website. Now if you don't have one of these and therefore a link doesn't exist, don't worry! This field is optional. 

So the body field is where you enter the main content about your event. So here you can add text with various formatting options, you can add bulleted lists, you can add block quotes, and more. 

So if you scroll down we have start time and end time of your event. 

We have notation. So here you can add a strapline for the event that can be displayed in the 'Latest Events' or Events landing pages. 

Your permalink is the last part of the path in your URL. If you leave this field blank, we have a smart tool in place that can automatically generates the permalink from the title. 

The publish date field is where you define the date you want the event to be published. You can use this tool to schedule your event in the future. 

The tag list field allows you to add tags to your blog post. If your tag manager is switched on, it will present a list of tags that have been created in your Tag Manager page. If it is switched off, you can add tags directly here by typing a tag and hitting enter, like so. 

Finally you have a featured checkbox. So tick this box if you would like this event to be featured. It is possible for a developer to modify the events page to display featured events in a more prominent position on the events overview page. So if you're interested in implementing this you can raise a support ticket or speak to your Volcanic account manager. 

Once you're happy with all the information you have set up for your event, click submit, and you will then find your new event on the events overview page.