How to add or edit salary bands

Salary Bands are a way of referencing your jobs to filter them on the job search page by the different salaries and day rates that are on offer. For example you could have £10,000 - £20,000,  £21,000 - £30,000, £31,000 - £40,000 etc. 


Why are Salary Bands Useful? 

The more you break down your jobs in your job search area the easier it is for your candidates to find the jobs right for them. Therefore it's important to ensure the salary scale is reasonable and relevant to the jobs that you offer. 


How to add or Edit Salary Bands 

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the Volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Reference Data" click there and then click "Salaries". 




Step 2. Click "New Salary Band". 

Step 3. Fill in the relevant details; the name we will give is the salary option in both words and numbers. For example, “ £10,000 to £20,000” and then for the numbered only option we place 10000 for the lower option and then 20000 for the upper option. 



Step 4. Click "Create Salary", you have now successfully created your first salary band. Repeat the process until you have got all the required salary bands.

Your consultants will now need to ensure they fill out "higher" and "lower" fields in the salary area of the new job form, to ensure the job filters correctly should a candidate apply the job search filter.