How to assign a job function

Job Functions are very similar to Disciplines, but can be multi-discipline. For example, Graduate Jobs, Account Manager jobs, etc.  


Why use Job Functions? 

It gives you a greater ability to create extra references for your jobs, which means it's easier for users of your job search to filter down the right job for them. 


How to Assign Job Functions 

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the Volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Reference Data". Click there and then click "Job Functions". 



Step 2. Click" New Job Function", and give the Job Function a name. 

Step 3. Click "Save", you have now successfully created your first Job Function. 

Step 4. Repeat the process until all the job functions have been added.

Step 5. In order to begin to use your new Job Functions filter, ensure jobs are now assigned against job functions when a new job is posted (the job functions will now appear on the new job form).

Step 6. To add the new filter to your Job Search page, go to "Settings" in the admin menu, and click on "Job Search". Scroll down to the bottom, where you are able to manage your filters. Click on "Job Functions" and drag it across to the left. You are able to re-order your search filters on the job search page by dragging and dropping in this area.