How to assign users to user groups

We have defined several users groups that when assigned to users allow different access to the website and the admin area. 

  • Candidate - Has access to jobs and job alerts
  • Admin - Has complete access to edit the website and the Volcanic admin area
  • Consultant - Has access to manage both jobs and candidate details
  • Copy Editor - Has access to managing both blogs and website content
  • Supplier - Has access to the website as a visitor

Why Define User Groups? 

It's ideal for your internal team, as it gives you total control over who has access to specific parts of the site. 

How to Assign Users to Users Groups 

Step 1. Make sure that the individual that you want to assign a user group registers on the website.

Tip We recommend using the Linkedin register as it's quicker process. 

Step 2. Make sure you are logged into the Volcanic admin area and then scroll down to "Users", click here then click "Candidates". 







Step 3. Find the user of interest within the candidates list, then click on their name, or the "View" button. 

Step 4. You will then see on the right-hand side a column titled "User Group", you will need to click the drop down box underneath to find the relevant one for them. Click "Save Changes", you have now successfully assigned a user to a user group.