Introduction to candidate insights

Candidate Insights selects the candidate-relevant statistics from your site and displays them in this section. It provides the following insights: 

  • New Candidate Registrations (giving you an overview of how many have been processed).
  • Applications (shows you the number of users who have applied on your adverts).
  • Notifications (shows how many emails have been sent from the platform including job alerts).
  • Top 10 Most Popular Locations (for applicants to apply under).


Why use Candidate Insights? 

It's recommend you regularly visit this page as it helps monitor the site's performance, providing areas where there is room for improvement on your website. For example, more job adverts, or which location you need to be recruiting in more. 


How to Find Candidate Insights 

Firstly, make sure you are logged into the Volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Analytics", click here and then click "Candidate Insights" in the drop down menu.