CMS toolbar

The CMS toolbar allows for you to customise your editable text areas. Because of this it's important to know how to fully use the toolbar.



This is how the toolbar looks, but what does each button do?

A tab to tab break down of each button will be provided in this guide.



Working from left to right:

  • The scissors are to cut highlighted text in the text area.
  • The two pieces of paper allows you to copy the highlighted text.
  • The clipboard lets you paste.
  • The clipboard with a "T" lets you paste as plain text.
  • The clipboard with a "W" allows you to paste from word and remove any styling that the text had.



This button spell checks the text area.



Again working from left to right:

  • The link button will allow you to link the highlighted piece of text to go to either a separate page or to an anchored piece of text.
  • The link button with a cross will delete the link from a highlighted piece of text.
  • The flag is an anchor, to highlight a piece of text press the flag and give the anchor a name.



From left to right:

  • Embed media button is where you can embed a video, all you need is the embed code for that video.
  • Image properties allows you to edit the image size and also add alternative text for the image which would have been added to the text area.
  • Insert code snippet allows you to place code inline with the text and not have the code affect the text.
  • The table button allows you to create a table.
  • The insert line button simply inserts a horizontal line.
  • The character button inserts special characters that might not be found on your keyboard.
  • The download button allows you to place PDFs that have been uploaded in the admin area.
  • The check box allows you to insert forms that have been created in the admin area.
  • Upload image lets you upload an image and then insert it in the text area. It can also pull images that have been uploaded in the admin area.



The icon on the left lets you change the colour of the text.

The icon on the right lets you change the colour of the background.



This is the save icon. It's important to press save before you finish editing or else no changes will be saved.



Working from left to right:

  • Places highlighted text in bold font.
  • Places highlighted text in italic font.
  • Places highlighted font with a strike through it.
  • Removes all styling from the text, this is key to use if you copy and paste the text, as styling can be copied over and potentially break the look of the page.



Working from left to right:

  • Creates an ordered list.
  • Creates a bullet pointed list.
  • Decreases the indent of text.
  • Increases the indent for text.
  • Places quotes around the selected text.
  • Aligns text to the left.
  • Centrally aligns text.
  • Aligns text to the right.



Allows you to select text styles.




Allows you to format the text, such as putting headings on your text.