How to add tags to your content

Tags enable you to categorise the content across your recruitment website, making it easier for your visitors to search for the content they're looking for. Watch this video to find out how to add tags to your website content.

Hi everyone, today I'm going to show you how to add tags to your recruitment website content such as for blog posts or for event pages. 

Now your approach to this will differ depending on whether you tag manager is switched on or off. If your tag manager is switched on, like so, you will only be able to add the tags that have been created within your tag manager page. If your tag manager is switched off you will be able to add tags directly to the content you are creating or managing. 

So first let's have a look at where you will add tags to your content. 

For blogs, go to Your Website and then Blogs. You will be taken to the blogs homepage where you can either add a new blog by clicking the new button here or edit an existing one. We are going to add a new one, so let's click the new button. 

When you scroll down, you will find the Tag List field. Underneath the field it will tell you whether or not the tag manager is enabled. So if it is, you can simply select the tags relevant to your blog post like so. Or if it's turned off, you can enter the tags directly into the tag list field. 

The exact same applies to events, so go to Your Website and then Events. Let's edit and existing one this time. Scroll down, find the tag list field and enter the tags that are relevant. 

Once you are done click submit and your changes will be saved.