Creating custom categories for job search

Creating custom categories enables you to tailor your job search facility for your candidate market. Watch this video to find out how to manage custom categories on your recruitment website.

In this video I am going to show you how to create and manage custom categories that can be applied to your job search. 

Firstly, how do you get there. So in the settings menu of your admin screen, within the reference data section, you will find custom categories. 

So you may have a certain filter you want to apply to your job search such as ‘Location’. 

To do this, you will find the new button in the top right corner, click this, define the category name, leave the permalink field blank because it will automatically be generated from the name of your custom category. Click submit. 

And then to add search options to your new category, you will find the options icon here. Click this, and add new options simply be clicking the new button and adding any relevant options that you want your users to search by. 

Once you have added these, your website visitors will be able to filter your search via these locations.