Introduction to the Email Notification Centre

The Notification Centre is where you manage all your email notifications. A notification is sent whenever a user engages with the website in a specific way. For example, when a candidate registers onto the site they will be sent an automatic welcome email. 


Why use the Notification Centre? 

It acts as an extension of your website to your users, as all emails are branded with your particular website style. It will reassure users that the activity that they are performing on the site is being recognised. Furthermore, it also helps drive traffic back to the main website in a number of ways, for example, there is an option to have Job Alert emails be sent from the platform which will show suggested jobs based on their query search. 

How to Set up Emails in the Email Notification Centre 

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Emails". Click there and then click "Email Notification". You will see at a quick glance all the available email notifications which include:

  • When a Candidate user registers
  • When a candidate applies for a job and when a job alert occurs.





Step 2. Click the "SetUp" button next to the email notification. Next, you will need to fill out the relevant information including the subject which will be displayed on the user's email box and the content within the email using Volcanic's CMS toolbar.

Tip We have available tags for example, {{name}}, {{email}}, {{time}} which will automatically pull that information through to the email. 

Step 3. Click Save, you have now successfully created your first email notification. 

Setting up Internal Email Notifications

The second two notifications within an action area are both internal emails. Either of these can be sent to an internal email address to inform a member of the team when an user has engaged with the site. The first is a branded email and the second is unbranded.

You are able to select tags from the right so you can include the details of that user, for example when a Candidate registers on the site you may wish to know their name and email address. Remember to click "Save" to create the notification.

Add Conditions

You can assign a specific email address to receive a notification when certain actions are fulfilled. For example, whether a candidate submits a specific form, uploads their CV, or applies for a job in a specific location. 

To add a new condition when in the checkbox list, simply enable it in the notification menu: 

Tip Only some information will be editable depending on the type of notification. For example, in the event the contact us form is submitted, the triggered notification is “Send the Default email to a custom address”, so the only editable field here is the address: