About the global locations search filter

How does the Global Locations Search Filter Work?


On the front end Job Search page, there is a Locations Filter on the left side of the page. One of the Locations Filters available is the Global Locations Search Filter.


Please note: Filters can be managed in the filters area, in Settings>Job Search


Search Without Entering a Location:

In the Global Locations Search filter (before searching) the user will see the site’s top 20 locations displayed. The top 20 refers to the locations which have the most jobs assigned to them, in descending order. They will also be able to see how many jobs there are for each of those locations. Please note: if the site does not have 20 locations with jobs, the number of locations displayed will be lower.


When the user clicks on a particular location they will pull up the jobs in that area which they can then search through.


Search Where a Location is Entered:

When a user conducts a job search in a particular location, the site will search for jobs against that location. The site will then show the most relevant 20 locations with jobs in a 50 mile radius from that location - starting with the location with the most jobs first, again in descending order.


If the system is not able to find 20 locations with jobs within that radius, it will create 2 lists.  The first will be the locations is has found within 50 miles, and the second will be a list of popular locations on the site.


The popular locations list will have the remaining amount of locations, so a total of 20 is reached. For example, if only 9 locations are found within a 50 mile radius with relevant jobs, a further 11 popular locations will be displayed.