How to add a blog post

Blogs are a way of sharing your insights and relevant news articles to your users. 



Why use Blogs? 

Blogs are a very crucial part of your SEO strategy. Creating long form and topical content for your site through Blogs will help search engines like Google index your website and will help you move up the search rankings. 


How to add a new Blog 

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Blogs", click here. 



Step 2 .You will see a quick snapshot of all the blogs you have created. There are a number of tasks you can do including: 

  • You can edit details of past and future blogs by clicking "Edit" button.
  • You can altogether delete the blog post by clicking the white cross.

To post a new blog, click on "New Blog Post". 


Tip On the right hand side you can monitor how often your blogs are being published on the website. 

Step 3. You will need to fill out the relevant details including: Title of the blog post, making it relevant and eye catching for users to want to read. The description is where you post the blog information including paragraphs, images, hyperlinks and downloads 

Step 4. Leave the Permalink box blank as this is automatically generated from the title but you can manually edit if you wish. You will also need to place a publish date for when the blog will be published on the website. 

Tip The publish date allows you to set a date in the future for the blog to be published which helps with scheduling content periodically.

Tip Using the tag list allows the blog to be found when a certain words have been searched for. This feature is only available on some sites. For example, if "News" was searched, it would filter everything on the site for items containing the tag "News". 

It should look similar to this:


Step 5. Click "Save", you have now successfully created your first blog post for the website. 


Adding Images to Created Blogs

First, you will need to view the created blog on the website.

If you are logged in as an admin then you will have the admin control tabs to you right, if you press "Edit page" when you are on the individual blog then you will be able to edit the image.

There will be either a default image that appears, this will normally be your company logo, or a grey square will appear.

At this point if you follow the instructions for "How do I Upload an Image?" and go to the 'How to upload in page edit' you will see a guide to uploading images.

Note: The image that is uploaded in the indivdual blogs will pull through onto the blog page so it's important to use the highest qualtiy photo you can.

Tip We recommend that you publish long form topical content on a regular basis to help drive more traffic to your website.