How to add a consultant

You are able to upload and display team members using this area


Why use Consultants? 

Using the consultants section of the volcanic admin area is very useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it acts as a database to hold all of your consultants in so at a quick snapshot you can see all of them including contact information. Secondly, if you have a Meet The Team page on the site the information inputted here will be displayed onto the website. Thirdly, you can assign consultants to jobs which gives your job adverts a more personal touch. 


How to add Consultants 

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you are logged onto the volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Content", click there and then click "Consultants". 


Step 2. Click the "Add Consultant" button. 

Step 3. You will now need to fill out the relevant information including: 

  • Consultant name, position i.e Director, Managing Consultant
  • Description i.e short bio or roles and duties
  • User/Displays at URL depending if they have consultation rights on the site or use the example URL of bob-smith
  • Contact Information
  • Social media handles including Linkedin
  • Profile Avatar. You may wish to have one image, or you can opt for a second too e.g. one black & white photo and the other colour. When you hover over the image it will change. This functionality will need to be enabled, so if you decide to have 2 images, please upload the images and then raise a support ticket.



  • Contact Information: It's best to fill this out so users can contact the consultant in the most appropriate way including phone number.
  • Consultant Group/Discipline attach the consultant to the relevant group.

Tip You can assign consultants to multiple disciplines depending on what they recruit for. 



Step 4 Click "Save", you have now successfully created your first consultant. 


Further Tips:

Consultants details can be edited, for example, if you want to add a new photo or change the disciplines they cover. 

To do this find the name of the consultant you wish to edit and pres the "Edit" button.

You will notice it takes you to a page very similar to the creating a consultant except the details will be filled out. Change the details you wish to change and then press "Update Changes" when you're done.


Additional Material: How to Create Consultant Groups 

You may want to create consultant group which is really useful when defining areas of consultants, for example, "Team Leader" or "Management Teams". 

Step 1. Ensure you are on the consultant's section of the Volcanic admin area. Then go ahead and click "New Consultant Group". 



Step 2. Fill in the name, for example, "Leadership Team". Then click "Save", you have now successfully created your first consultant group.