How to add a consultant page

This video gives you a quick run-through of how to add a new consultant page to your recruitment website.

In this video I am going to show you how to create a consultant page on your recruitment website.

In the top menu, go to Your Website, and then within the content section you will find Consultant pages. In the top right corner, click the NEW button and you will then be presented with all of the fields required to setup your consultant page.

So first you will enter the recruiter's name. 

Then you will have the description field which might include things like their background, their level of expertise, their recruitment specialism. So any information you want to add about your recruitment consultant, you can enter here. 

The user is name of the person who is entering the data into this page. 

You can then also add the consultant's email address. 

The permalink is the last part of the path in the URL for this consultant page. If you leave this blank we will automatically generate the permalink from the name of the consultant. 

You can add the discipline that this recruitment consultant recruits for, any contact details you might have for this consultant, a licence number if necessary. You may want to add an image of the consultant. And if your tag manager is enabled you may want to add any necessary tags here.

Once you are happy with all the information about your recruitment consultant, click the submit button and your information will be saved and you will then find your consultant on the consultants page.