How to add a custom category

Why Use Custom Categories?

This is really useful if you want to make the filtering of your jobs as specific and accurate as possible. It means that your users can quickly get to the jobs suitable for them.

How to Create a Custom Category

Step 1. Firstly, make sure that you are logged onto the Volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Reference data", click there and then click "Custom Categories".



Step 2. Click "Edit Category", at this point you name the category.  Select where you want this filter active and whether this field is required for the job, client or user on creation. Once done, save the changes.



Step 3. Adding Options: These are the options that are displayed for the filters and fields, so if it was a job search then this will show as a filter category. Add as many options as you like.



Further Tips:

  • The filters will have to be updated on any existing jobs that were made before the categories creation.


Example Useage

An example of the use for the categories would be for filtering different levels of qualifications. You would check the box which says "Active for Jobs"

You set up the new category and call it "Qualifications",and add the options such as, GCSE, A-levels, Post Graduate, Masters and PHD.

When creating new jobs you will select the category that you have created.