How to add a new job

Jobs are the adverts that you will place on your website for users to apply to. Once a job has been added it will be stored on the back end under "Jobs". These will appear as a list.




Please note: If your site is integrated with an app e.g. Broadbean, the jobs posted to Broadbean will automatically import to this jobs area and will populate exactly the same as when jobs are posted directly on the site.

Along the top of the page you will see filters (e.g. Job Type and Search Disciplines). These will allow you to filter down the jobs to those specific areas of your choice, should you wish to.


Why use Jobs? 

Job adverts are one of the main things that visitors of your site will want to see, they will be able to search, view and apply for jobs on the website. Also, the more job adverts you place on the website the more it will help increase the indexing of your site with search engines like Google. 


How to Upload a new Job 

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the volcanic admin area. Secondly, make sure that you scroll down to "Jobs" and click here. 





You will see at a glance all of your jobs that are both live and expired including: job title, location, consultant attached to it, and the date it was created. You also have a few options available to you including: 

  • You can change job details by clicking the "Edit" button.
  • You can altogether delete the job.

Tip You can filter jobs down via the filters along the top which will help you narrow your search for jobs posted by a specific consultant or within a date range.

Step 2. You will need to click "New Job"


You will need to fill out the necessary information including: 

  • Job Title
  • Job Location
  • Job Reference
  • Job Type
  • Description of the Job



Step 3. You will need to fill out the contact details of the job as this will be displayed on the job advert. The application e-mail is important as this is where the information of a job applicant will be sent to including the: 

  • Name
  • Email
  • CV or PDF of the Linkedin profile

Tip We suggest that you use the same consultant e-mail address as the application e-mail address. 



Step 4. It's important to fill the rest of the information about the job as this is what will help your users search to find the right job for them including: 

  • Discipline
  • Salary Details
  • Date Details



Please note: Salary Low and Salary High are for filtering purposes only. If you have created salary bands in your Reference Data area, you will need to assign each job against a salary band to ensure it filters correctly should a user decide to apply a salary band from the salary filter.

Step 5. Click "Save Job Details". You have now successfully created a job.