How to add a new page

This gives you the ability to create new web pages for your website. 


Why use Pages?

Managing pages is easy - the drag and drop branches allow you to restructure the layout of the website, or add a new page with one click. We support unlimited pages for your website, therefore you can create as many pages as you want for your site. For example, help guides, refer a friend as well as client and candidate-specific pages. 


How to Set Up a New Page 

Step 1. Firstly, make sure that you are logged into the Volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Pages" and click on it. 



Step 2. You are now in the Pages section, you can see a quick snapshot of all the pages that have been created and the page tree structure. 

Whilst on this section you have a number of features open to you including: 

  • You can view what the page looks like on the site by clicking the eye icon.
  • You can edit the page including the name, permalink and the page template by clicking the pencil icon.
  • You can altogether delete the page by clicking the white cross.

Tip Your new page will not appear live on your site until you have made it visible in "Navigation" so please don't forget to check out our, "How can I edit and re-order the navigation?" help guide afterwards. 

Step 3. To get to the page builder, click onto "New Page". 



Step 4. Fill in the necessary details, including a relevant title. For example, "Help Guides". 

Step 5. Click a relevant page template, this will most likely be “gen-sub”, but for more information please do get in contact with the support team.



Step 6. The Permalink will automatically be created from the page title however, if you want to you can manually create your own permalink (the link displayed in the URL) yourself as long as it follows this format help-guides.

Step 7. Click "Parent Page" if this will be sub page of another one already created. If this happens to be a main page then leave this section blank. 

Tip Ticking "Hide Page" will allow the page to be hidden from users whilst it’s still being created (admin users can still view and edit the page). 



Step 8. Click "Save", you have now successfully created a new page for your site. As mentioned, if you want this to be made available to users, don't forget to check out our, "How Can I Edit and Re-order the Navigation?" help guide. 

Tip Once you have saved the page, you can drag and drop the pages into the type of structure you want by click and holding it. You can move the page around, and by indenting left or right, change whether it is a main page or a sub page.