How to add keywords to jobs

This area is only available on certain contracts. If this is something your current package doesn’t entitle you to but you would be interested, please contact a member of the team. 


What are Keywords for Jobs? 

The keywords for jobs in your volcanic admin area are a way to reference the key jobs that you recruit for on your job search. You can list them by job titles, and you can be as specific as you like with the job types and associate them with the relevant disciplines you recruit for. For example, Ruby Development may be the job type and this is associated with the discipline of backend development. 

Why is this important? 

By listing the jobs that you are recruiting for it allows users to filter their results quicker and easier for them to find the right job. It also means it's faster for users to get to results - With the available options readily visible, the user can filter down to exactly the roles important to them in fewer clicks. 

Where to Find Your Keywords 

Step 1. You need to make sure that you are logged into your website and then go to the admin area dashboard. 

Step 2. Then scroll down to "Reference Data". Click "Job Titles" (this is where we are going to place all the content related to each job keyword) and proceed to the next stage.



Managing Job Titles - Keywords 

Step 3. This is where you will be managing your keywords that will appear on your website. Obviously, it's empty because you haven't put any in there but you can start to input some data by going ahead an​d clicking on the “Add

Keywords" button



Getting The Keywords In The System - Part 1

Step 4. You will come to an area where you can create new keywords under each discipline that you on the website. By clicking the box in discipline you can choose the Discipline the jobs come under. (Tip: if you wish to amend the discipline options you see here go back to the Admin Area Dashboard and click on Reference Data - Disciplines)

Step 5. You will have to pick the first discipline you want to choose. (Tip: remember that you can repeat the whole process for every discipline you have there is no limit).



Getting The Keywords In The System - Part 2 


Step 6. You can place each Job Title that you want in the Keywords box. Make sure that when you are adding the Job Titles they are on a new line every time. Tip: You can place multiple jobs on at any one time by pasting in a complete list, you may be able to download this from your CRM provider/Job Poster. 

Step 7. After inputting all the terms you wish for this discipline you can click “Create”. 


Listing your Keywords 

Step 8. You will now see the whole list of job keywords listed on your screen, you have now successfully loaded your job keywords. Ensure you repeat the process for all your disciplines available. You will end up with something similar to this: