How to add/edit registration questions

The ability to add and edit fields for user group questions is a useful one. It allows forms to be tailored for yours and the candidate's needs.

Adding Questions

Step 1. Click "Users" then "User Groups", this will take you to a new page.



Step 2. When the new page loads you will see all the user groups available on your site. Pick the user group you wish to add/edit the questions for.

Step 3. Find the "stage registration" button located under the name of the user group and press the button.



Step 4. This will take you to the next page where it shows the different questions groups, click "Add/Edit Questions"



Step 5. This will show you all the questions that are already available, there are a set of core questions to the right. If these are selected then no setup will be needed for these questions. Click "New Question" to create a new question.



Note: A key at the bottom explains the icon for the settings. Core questions cannot be deleted once added. If one is accidently added, raise a support ticket and clearly explain the field you want removing.

Step 6. At this point you create the question, fill out the fields and set how the question will look on the form. Question's setting can also be applied here. For example, if you would like to add "Which Sector Are You Interested In?" as a further registration question for candidates, enter it in the "Label" field. Then choose how you could like the user to answer. If you would like a drop down menu of sectors for them to choose from, pick 'Drop Down' for "Question Type". Then enter the various sectors on your site in the "Options" field.

In the 'Questions Settings' box, choose if this question will be "Required" (it will appear with an asterisk next to it). You can also select "Use for Suggested Jobs". If the question you have added provides any information regarding the job title/sector/job type or location your Candidate is interested in (keywords), and you tick this box, the system will look for information here in order to help put together a suitable job list in your Candidate's job alert notification.

Press "Save" when you're done. 



Edit Questions

The edit method is the exact same process except you press "Edit" on the individual question, it will load a page similar to the one shown on Step 6.

Did you know?

Did you know there are about 20,000,000 searches performed annually on our platform every year and this is set to grow to 50,000,000 by the end of 2016?