How to change your maps location

This is the ability to change where your pin point on the map is located, which is used predominantly on the Contact Us page: for office locations or events.

Why Change the Location of Your Map?

Having the ability to change your map location means you can keep your users up to date with where you are based and if you happen to move office locations, your website will stay updated.

How to Edit the Location

Step 1. Make sure you are logged into the admin area of your site. Secondly, scroll down to "Pages", click here. Thirdly, scroll down to the "Contact Us" page where the map is placed and click the pencil icon to edit.



Step 2. While on the "Contact Us" page, scroll down to the page "Geo-Location", where you have the option for the Latitude and Longitude of the location. If you know those details place them in, if you don’t you are easily able to find them while using Google Maps.



Step 3. If you open up a separate tab for Google Maps, place the location of interest into the search, you will see at the top of the URL two numbers that will look similar example below. The first one is latitude and the second one is longitude. Copy and paste both of them into the respective fields on the page "Geo-Location".



Step 4. Click "Update Changes", you have now successfully updated your maps location.