How to insert videos into your website

We provide the ability through our CMS to embed media. It's important that this is done the way described because if the code is copied and pasted directly into the area then only the link will be copied. 

Embed video onto a page

Step 1. To embed videos go to your edit mode when on the page you want to insert the video. 

Step 2. Once in edit mode press the "embed media" button 

Step 3. Paste the link for the video you wish to embed



Possible issues: If you copy and paste the link directly into the text then the previous styling can be copied. This can cause issues on your site, to stop this affecting the site highlighting and pressing will remove any styling.

How to get Embed Video Code from YouTube

Step 1. Go to the video you wish to embed. When on the video scroll just below the video and press "Share".



Step 2. When "Share" is pressed go to the "Embed Video" tab. On here you can change the settings for the video.



Step 3. Copy the link provided above the video preview.