How to manage bundles

Bundles is the section of the Volcanic admin area that allows the job board owner to create new bundles for Recruiters and Direct Employers on a case­ by­ case basis.

Why Are Bundles Useful?

This is one of the major ways for Job Board owners to increase their revenue, as they are able to set the price for both public bundles and private bundles. For example, you may set the price for CV Downloads per a unit at £3, this will then be displayed on the website.

How Do I Manage Bundles?

Step1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the Volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Job Board". Click there then click "Bundles".



Step 2. Then you are going to click "New Revenue Bundle".



Step 3. You will need to fill in the initial information including name, bundle access and start date (start date is only for client basis, and will start from when you set the date. For a public bundle, the bundle starts as soon as it's created).

Tip Bundle Access allows you to see if this will be posted on the website for ("Public") or just for one off clients ("Client").

Step 4. You will need to tick the relevant information regarding the credits that each of your clients will get, and how they are distributed over the period of time.

  • Stop on date: Allows the job board owner to stop all of the credits on a certain day, with the below options of year, month and date.
  • Stop after recurrences: This allows the job board owner the option to stop the credits after x amount of recurrences.
  • Never expire credits: Credits never expire.

Tip This option allows the job board owner to decide whether/when the credits will fully replenish.

Step 5. You will need to complete the revenue stream inputs. This is important as this is where you price each individual item in the Bundle. You will also need to give the complete package a price that will be displayed.

Step 6. Click "Submit", you have now successfully created your first Bundle.