How to manage events

Events on the Volcanic admin area allows you to create events to be displayed on your website through a specific page and calendar. This could include events that you as a firm are running or going to.



Why use Events?

Using Events on the volcanic admin area is a very useful tool, it allows you to communicate with the users of your site not only the events that you are attending but also hosting.

How do I Manage Events?

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Events", click here.



Step 2. You will see at a quick snapshot all of the events that have happened and also up and coming ones as well. There are a number of features available to you including:

  • You can edit the event details by clicking the Edit button
  • You can altogether delete the event by clicking the white cross

Step 3. You can now create a new event. To start click the "New Event Button".

Step 4. You will need to fill in the relevant information including:

  • A title for the event
  • Location of where the event will be taking place
  • Description of what the event entails, the speakers and what people will get out of it by attending



Step 5. Make sure you have a start/end date for the event.

Step 6. Leave the Permalink blank as this will automatically be generated. Also make sure you give the event a publish date, and it will be published to the site on that date.

Tip This will be displayed on the External URL as a calendar with the dates highlighted.



Step 7. Click "Save", now you have successfully created your first event for your website.

Tip You can see a week by week display of your published events as well as event dates on the right-hand side of the page.