How to upload or insert an image

Our CMS allows you to store images onto the cloud in one central system. 

There are two ways to upload images, one is the image library and then using the CMS toolbar and the other is for banner/header images loaded directly to the page.


Why Use Image Library? 

This allows you to load images onto the cloud in a central system (using Amazon S3) for all users of the Volcanic admin area to access, instead of it being on a local computer. It's an ideal place to put images where you think they will be used throughout the website and business including: logos, banner images, consultant photos. 


How do I Upload an Image?

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Content". Click here and then click "Image Library". 


Step 2. Click "Choose File" and this will prompt you to choose an image off your local desktop. Click open to secure the image you want. 

Step 3. Click "Upload". You have now successfully uploaded an image to the Volcanic admin area. We will be able to embed these images on the front end of the site through the CMS. 



Tip To get the correct URL for the size of image you want, click the desired size and copy the URL in the new tab opened in your browser.



How do I embed an image from the library on a page?


Step 1. Firstly, you will need to be logged in as an admin, go to a page you want to edit and press "Edit This Page" in the tabs on the right side. Click within the editable area, and click on the picture icon on the toolbar, shown below.



Step 2. A window will pop up and you will either select an image from your library, or upload an image directly from your computer.




How do I embed an image outside of the editable area (e.g. banners/headers)? 

Click on "Edit This Page" in the tabs on the right of the page. Hover over the opening you wish to embed an image to. A green circle will appear if the opening is editable.  Select an image from your desktop and wait for it to upload.

Save the page then click on "Finish Editing" and the image will be embedded.

Additional features:

When embedding an image within an editable area, you are able to adjust the settings on the image and also make an image clickable and link to another page. To get to the Image Properties, click on the 1st picture icon along the top of the toolbar, next to the media icon.

Here is where you can adjust the image size, place a border around and align the image.



You can also make the image clickable and have it go to a link. By pressing "Link" this will appear.

All you need to do is simply put the URL in off where you want the image to link to.