How to use the form builder

The Form builder is a tool that allows for you to make forms to be displayed on the website that can help capture user information. Example forms could be "Contact Us", "Refer a Friend" and "Vacancy Registration". 



Why is Form Builder Important?

It allows you to interact with your users and capture data from them that is specific for your needs. Then through the notifications area you can have the responses emailed to you. 


How to Set Up Form Builder 

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the Volcanic admin area. Secondly scroll down to "Content", click here then click "Form Builder". 


Step 2. Click "New Form". 




Step 3. Create the details regarding the form, filling out the needed information including the name of the form. For example, "Refer a Friend". 

Step 4. Fill out a relevant success details:



Success Title: "Thank You".

A success message reassures the user when they have submitted the form and what you will do with this information. For example: 

"Thank You for getting in contact with us. One of our consultants will be in contact with you within the next 72 hours to run through the comments you have left. We look forward to working with you. 

Kind Regards, 

Client Name Team"


Step 5. Enter the Notification Email address you would like the form responses to be sent to. This may be an admin/info email address or a team member who is responsible for this particular form.  Please note: by clicking on the eye icon next to a particular form, you will be able to see all responses, which you can then download.

Step 6. Click "Save", then we can proceed to building the form components. 

Step 7. It's time to start building the form and you will notice there are various different tools for this here. 


  • Free text input: This is for creating questions that can be answered in text form. We can edit the input field type and the placeholder text (text that will be showing before writing in the answer box). Also we will be able to define the question as required.
  • List of values: This is for creating questions that can be answered selecting from different predefined options that can be set up. We will also be able to define the input field as radio/select for unique choices or checkbox for multi-choice, as well as making the question a required one.
  • Date Select: This is for creating questions where the answer is a date. Also we will be able to define the question as required.
  • File Upload: Allows to upload a file that will be attached to the form. We can define a hint to help users upload their files correctly.
  • Heading/Separator: We can add titles to our forms to separate into different sections.

Step 7. Click the "Header/Separator", "H" icon to place a title. We are doing "Candidate". Write here then click "Save".. 

Step 8. Click on the "Free Text" pencil icon. This will be, for example, "name" while leaving text as the input field the same, tick the required box then click "Save". 

Step 9. Repeat the process of the "Free Text Pencil" icon for "Email". 

Step 10. Repeat the process again with the Header/Separator with the title "Friend" then click Save. 

Step 11. Repeat steps 8 and 9. 

Step 12. Click the File Upload Paperclip icon as we're going to call this "CV Upload", and have a Hint of "Word" or "PDF" remember to tick required. It should look like something similar to below:



Step 13. Click "Save", you have now successfully created a new form for "Refer a Friend", we can embed it on any page through the CMS 


Tip When you are in editing form mode you are able to drag and drop the form items to position them how you want by simply click and holding the item.