How to work the navigation

The "Navigation" allows users to move around the different sections and pages of your website easily and fluidly. 


Why is the Navigation Important?



It's important to create the right navigation for your site as this is the main gateway for users to access certain areas of your website. With the navigation sector in the Volcanic admin area, you can quickly and easily create/edit new pages for the site navigation and the mobile navigation as well.

Tip The navigation only allows you to change the menu around for pages that have already been created. If you would like to create a new page please don't forget to check out the "How To Add A New Page" guide first. 


Where to Find the Navigation 

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Settings" click here then click "Navigation". 




Step 2. You can now see the navigation structure of your website which allows you to perform certain features: 

  • You can view what it looks like on the website by clicking the eye icon
  • You can edit the details including the name of the page and the page template
  • You can altogether delete the page if you no longer need it

Tip You can quickly rearrange the navigation by simply clicking and holding the page you want  and moving it up or down, also by indenting left or right you can change whether it's the main page or a subpage on the navigation. 


Understanding each Tab in the Navigation


Small navigation in the top right:

  • This refers to the mobile navigation. This navigation is only visible on mobile devices
  • This navigation can be edited by the same process as the other navigations


Main Navigation at the top:

  • This refers to the main navigation you'll see on desktops and laptops.
  • This navigation can be edited by the same process as the other navigations


Footer Navigation:

  • This navigation is just for the footer of the sites
  • This navigation can be edited by the same process as the other navigations



You cannot drag and drop between small navigation, main navigation and footer navigation, but you can drop within the tabs.


Adding a new Page to the Navigation 


Step 1. You can create a new page for the navigation, you will need to click "Add New Link". 



Step 2. Then you will need to give your page a name, which can be the same name as you have it on the page or different. For example, "Refer a Friend". 



Step 3. Click the second input box which will bring up all available pages you are able to assign the link name, that will show in the menu and the destination you want. Click the one you want, for example, "Refer a Friend". The internal page is highlighted. Click "Save", and now you have successfully added a new page to your navigation.

Tip The internal page allows us to select any of the previously created pages, an external page or a previously uploaded file. We can also select the option to open the link in a new window.


Links to External Pages

To create a link to an external page you will just need press the external page tab when creating/updating a navigation link and type in/copy in the URL of the page you wish for it to go to.


Rearranging the Navigation

We've made it very easy to rearrange the navigation, its a simple case of dragging and dropping the page. You can make the navigation multi-layered.

To make the navigation multi-layered you drag and drop the page underneath and to the right slightly, you'll notice that it snaps underneath and at this point, you release from holding and it will become a sub page.

It should look as follows:



Tip You can drag and drop the pages as you wish, but it's important to not drag them into a separate navigation tab.


Removing Pages from the Navigation


Step 1. To remove a page from the navigation, it's a case of pressing the cross 



Step 2. Confirm that you wish for that page to be deleted


Editing the Navigation


Step 1. Pressing this button 



This will take you to screen similar to the "Add page".

Step 2. Make the changes that you require, then press "Update Link"