Introduction to structured data

Having structured data on your recruitment website has never been more important. Watch this video to find out how to enable structured data and optimise your job ads.

In this video I'm going to talk to you about how to enable structure Structured Data on your recruitment website. 

Since the introduction of Google For Jobs, having structured data on your website has never been more important. Now, for all Volcanic websites this feature is by default switched on but for whatever reason, if you need to know how to enable structured data on your website, keep watching. 

In the admin screen, go to Your Website menu and then within the SEO area, go to Structured data. 

Then, in the top right hand corner of this page, you will find the ON/OFF toggle where you can enable or disable structured data. Enabling this feature will automatically transform your data, such as the data listed here, into a Structured Data format. It is important to switch this function on because it will help you to format your data and therefore optimise your job ads. 

Detailed information about Structured Data, its properties, and how Volcanic provides your data to Google can also be found on this Page. But if you're still unsure about what structured data means for your recruitment website, our Global Marketing Director Alison Dwyer has written a highly informative blog post on the importance of adding structured data to your website. And we will post a link to that below.