Introduction to job alerts

What is the Job Alert Area and How do I Manage Job Alerts?


What is the Job Alert Area?

Volcanic has created a Job Alert area where you are able to set up your Job Alert notifications. Job Alerts are a very important way of engaging potential applicants for jobs you have on the site. The site uses information entered by the candidate, e.g. registration questions, job alert keywords etc. in order to create a relevant job list for the candidate.  In addition you can customise the job alert settings, for example the days you wish the job alerts to be sent to your candidates.

How do I set up Job Alerts?

Job Alerts will automatically be set up by Volcanic. It is up to you edit the notification should you wish and to customise the settings. If you wish to switch off job alerts for any reason, just pull across the switch in the Notification Center.


What does the Job Alert Dashboard show?

The dashboard shows:

  • The number of subscribed and unsubscribed users. Should a candidate wish to unsubscribe they can do so by clicking the unsubscribe link in any of the alerts they have been sent. This will stop our platform from sending them alerts. A candidate may also adjust the alert frequency in the Candidate Dashboard to “Never”. This will also result in them not receiving job alerts in the future.


  • The number of job alerts sent out within a specific range of dates. The range can be customised using the drop down at the top:




  • The number of alerts sent out, the number opened, the number clicked (read) and the number of applications. This information will enable you to assess how successful your job alerts are and whether you feel adjusting the settings may be of benefit. In the example below, there is a 6.74% conversion rate for job alerts going out to individual users, i.e. 6.74% of individual users receiving job alerts are applying for a job contained within a job list in an alert, or 111 applications within the date range 20th Jan - 19th Feb.


  • This data is then displayed in graph form (Emails Sent and Job Applications)


How do I Customise the Job Alert Settings?

Click on the blue button at the top “Edit Job Alert Settings”.

This will take you to a page where you will be able to read and edit the email sent to your candidates, access the areas where you are able to adjust the settings (schedule and relevancy threshold) and also send yourself a test.


How do I edit the Job Alert text?

The alert subject line can be edited should you wish, simply click within the text box:


There are various tags available. These can be dragged and dropped into the subject line text box. A tag will create a more personal experience for your candidate.


The Job Alert will have a header with your logo and a footer. Volcanic will provide default text within the alert, which you can edit should you wish. For example you may wish to drag and drop a name tag to further personalise the content of the alert. Remember to click the blue “Update Email Notification” button at the bottom if you make any changes.

The alert will contain a job list. This is shown by the tag {{joblist}}.  The job list will consist of 5 relevant jobs. Should you wish to see the format of a job alert, you can send yourself a test using the blue “Send Test” button:


How do I Customise the Schedule for Sending Job Alerts?

This is done by clicking within the box “Custom Schedule”:


This will then take you to a calendar where you are able to specify which days and at what time you would like your job alerts to be sent:


Tip  Thinking about when potential candidates within your industries/sectors may be looking for jobs (e.g. when they get home after work?) may help when choosing a time to send the alerts.

Once you have chosen when the site will send alerts, click on the blue “Update Email Setting” button.

What is the Job Results Relevancy?

The Job Results Relevancy is a range of relevancy thresholds you are able to choose from.

The higher the threshold, the more keywords will be added when the site is searching for relevant jobs. For example, if the setting is “Higher Threshold” the site will look to match job title, sector and location. If the setting is “Lower Threshold” the site will be less specific when matching a job to a candidate. So more jobs will be found but they may be less relevant.


Tip  When setting the threshold, think about whether you would rather more jobs reached more people bearing in mind a candidate may pass a job along to someone else or consider a job they might not otherwise have looked at.


The text box on the bottom right of the page explains where the job list is drawn from, for example the saved job alert searches and the registration questions filled out by the candidate.

Once you have chosen the relevancy you wish, please remember to click the blue “Submit” button.