How to change job search settings

Job search settings on the platfrom allow you to customise the way you can load your jobs and how they are then filtered on your website. 


Why use Job Search Settings?

It gives you full capability around the way you want your jobs to be searched for on your website. It ensures that you customise the way your jobs are being displayed. This will mean it's easier for your particular candidates to find the right job for them.


How to Find Job Search Settings

Step1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the Volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Settings", click here and then click "Job Search".




Breakdown of the Job Search Settings

Automatically link Custom Locations to jobs based on location: NOTE please make sure that you have set up your locations under the "Reference Data" section before proceeding with this option.

Tick this option if you want jobs to automatically link to the locations you have defined in the admin area. It will also provide on your job search how many jobs are associated with those locations.


Auto Suggest Locations when Posting a Job: Tick this option if you want to give the option to choose from a predefined list of locations from around the world. Volcanic have put together a global list of major cities and towns. This feature ensures accurate and consistent positioning of jobs.


Default Location for Geo-coding Bias: This is an advanced option to help avoid problems caused by many places around the world having the same name. An example would be: You are a specialist local recruiter in the south of England. You wish to advertise a job in the town of Christchurch. By default, the Christchurch in New Zealand would be chosen automatically for the job, but this is incorrect. By setting this option to "United Kingdom" it will choose the match that is closest, and now it will assign the job to the Christchurch you intended.


Choose Job Titles for jobs: NOTE please make sure that you have set up your Job Titles under the "Reference Data" section before proceeding with this option.

Tick this option if you want to also choose from your Job Titles to link to a job when posting a new job (this is in addition to the normal Job Title input field). It will also provide on your job search how many jobs are associated with each job title. This allows you to use a standardised list of job titles to help candidates start their search. You can still enter a unique, free text job title that will appear on the job listing, this feature just allows another category of filtering.


Recruiter Users can Choose Job Titles: NOTE only needed for job board owners.

Allows Recruiter users to choose from the default Job Titles when posting a job through the recruiter dashboard.


Maximum Job Titles Permitted per Job: Set this value if you want to restrict the number of Job Titles that can be chosen for a job. It is best to restrict this to no more than 2 as it ensures the searchability of the jobs is most accurate for your users, and to prevent recruiters trying to game the system by picking many unrelated job titles.


Discrete SEO keywords filter: Once jobs have had Job Titles linked to them, this displays the count number on the filter. It also triggers a more accurate search. E.g. the Accountant-jobs page will only show jobs linked to the Accountant job title, rather than searching for “Accountant” keyword in the description.


Collapse Filters: Tick this option if you want the filters on your job search to be collapsed when users first appear on the page. This is useful if you have a large number of options within the filters (making the page very tall) and then makes the experience great for visitors to your site.


Discipline Displays Sub Discipline Jobs: This setting affects the display on discipline landing pages, i.e. /disciplines/finance. It allows jobs belonging to a sub-discipline to appear in the results for the main discipline. For example, on the Finance landing page, it would show jobs belonging to the Accounting sub-discipline as well. The exact behaviour will depend on the structure of your discipline hierarchy.


Selection Limits  - NOTE relevant only for job board owners, as it affects the recruiter dashboard.

  • Disciplines limit
  • Job functions limit
  • Key locations limit

All of these settings limit the number of each category that can be selected by recruiters posting jobs via the recruiter dashboard.


Reorder Search Filters

Drag available filters into your filter list and reorder them to your liking. Your Available Filters explained:

  • Keywords: These show the job titles that have already been defined in the SEO Jobs area in the Volcanic Admin Area.
  • Custom Locations: These show the Locations that you have defined in the SEO Locations area in the Volcanic Admin Area
  • Global Locations Tree: This shows all the location list form the global Volcanic list of locations
  • Disciplines: Shows the disciplines that you have defined in the Volcanic Admin Area
  • Job Types: These show the job types that are defined in the Volcanic Admin Area
  • Key Locations: NOTE this is for legacy customers so best to ignore this option
  • Salary Range: The defined list of salary bands created in the Volcanic admin area
  • Custom Categories: The categories you have defined in the Volcanic admin area