How to manage disciplines

Disciplines are a way for you to group job titles under similar headings. For example, front-end developer, back-end developer and mobile developer would be job titles that would come underneath the discipline Development. 


Why Are Disciplines Important? 

Having job titles referenced in similar groups makes it easier for candidates to filter down the right type of job for them. With the available options readily visible, the user can filter down to exactly the roles important to them in fewer clicks. These disciplines can be then advertised on your site as areas you specialise in. 


Where Are Disciplines?

Step 1. Firstly, make sure that you are logged into the volcanic admin area. Then we are going to scroll down to "Reference Data". Click on that and then click on "Disciplines". 



Step 2. You are now in the disciplines area. This is where, at a snapshot, you will see the discipline tree. However, this may be blank so you can now start to create a new discipline. 

Step 3. Click "New Discipline", for example "Development". Leave the permalink and reference blank as this will automatically be created. You can also assign a consultant to the discipline and you can assign a parent discipline if you are wanting to make a sub-discipline. 



Step 4. Click "Save", you have now successfully created a new discipline named "Development". 

There are a number of things that you will notice when you create a new discipline:

  • You are able to view what it looks like on the site via the eye icon.
  • You can edit the discipline. For example, a spelling error by clicking the edit icon.
  • You can delete the discipline altogether if you no longer post jobs within this discipline.
  • This discipline will appear on the job posting form so consultants are now able to list jobs against this discipline (if you are using a job posting integration you will need to add this new discipline to the job form you are using).
  • This discipline will appear on the candidate dashboard in the job alert area, so candidates are able to

Tip To easily change the order of disciplines, click and hold the discipline and then drag and drop into the position you want. Indenting inwards and outwards will change whether it is a main or sub-discipline.