How to manage revenue streams

Revenue Streams is the section of the Volcanic admin area that allows Job Board owners to set the prices of the features they wish for different components that will make up their bundles. For example, the price per a CV Download or the price for each individual Job Posting.

The Revenue Stream Options:

  • CV Download
  • Featured Job Posting
  • Job of the Moment
  • List Price Credits
  • Premium Jobs
  • Job Posting


Why Are Revenue Streams Useful?

It's very important as a Job Board owner to manage the revenue streams effectively, as this is where you can set the price for how much you feel each element should cost. This, in turn, makes it easier to price both your public bundles on the website and your private bundles which are displayed for one-off clients.


How do you Manage Revenue Streams?

Step1. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the Volcanic admin area. Secondly, scroll down to "Job Board" click there and then click "Bundles".



Step 2. Then you are going to need to both toggle the element you want first. For example, "CV Download". Then you will need to click "Configure".



Step 3. You will need to fill in the initial information including:

  • Whether it requires Credit or not.
  • The price for each individual action (in this case single CV Download).
  • Toggle to ensure this option is enabled for Bundles to use.

Step 4. Click "Save". You have now successfully created your first revenue stream.

Tip We recommend you repeat the process for all the revenue streams that are applicable to your Job Board offering.