Managing job disciplines

Searching or filtering jobs by discipline is a common way of finding the jobs you're looking for on a recruitment website. Watch this video to find out how to setup the job disciplines you specialise in on your recruitment website.

Searching or filtering jobs by discipline is a common way of finding the jobs you're looking for. In this video I'm going to talk to you about how to manage your disciplines on your recruitment website. 

So first, let's show you how to get there. In the top menu of your admin screen admin screen of your website, go to Settings, and within the Reference Data section, go to Disciplines. 

On the Disciplines page you can add new disciplines, both individually and in bulk, and you can also edit existing disciplines, such as changing the descriptions or making a parent discipline a sub-discipline of another. I'm now going to talk you through each of these things in more detail.

To add a new discipline you can either create a new one individually, or choose the bulk create option. 

The bulk create option is helpful if you are adding a number of sub-disciplines to an existing parent discipline. You can also add bulk parent disciplines here by simply leaving the parent discipline field blank. Make sure you enter each discipline on a new line. Once you have created your disciplines, you can then edit the content for each one individually. 

To add a new individual discipline, click the NEW button in the top right corner. You will then be presented with a number of options to set up a discipline, including content and imagery which will then be display if your recruitment website has a specific page about this discipline. If you don't have a page for this on your website, you can leave these fields blank. The only mandatory field on this page is the discipline name. 

Going back to the Disciplines page, your Discipline Tree presents all of the parent and sub-disciplines you have set up on your website. Here you can easily drag and drop to re-order these disciplines, and delete any ones that you no longer need. 

Once you have added Disciplines, make sure you add this as a filter in the Job Search settings page to ensure that visitors to your site can filter jobs by Discipline. You can do this via settings, and within the site section, job search.