How to add a new branch to your recruitment website

This video gives you a quick run-through of how to add a new branch to your recruitment website.

Hello everyone, today I'm going to guide you through how to create a new branch on your volcanic website. Now it's important to note that branches are not available to everyone, they are subject to the package you are on, so if you do not have branch functionality and think that you should please contact our support team and we will be happy to help.

Now, in the top menu of your admin screen go to Your Website and then Branches and in the top right corner of this page click on the new button. You will then arrive at the new branch field which provides you with all of the fields you need to add a new branch to your website. So, let's go through these.

So this is the name of your branch, for example, Volcanic - Stockport. 

In the description field you can enter your branch description, so if you have a specific page on your website for your branches, the description will be displayed on the page for this branch.

Your permalink is the last part of your path within the URL. If you leave this blank we have a smart-tool in place which can automatically generate your link from your branch name. 

Now in order for a branch page to be visible on your website, a branch template needs to be set up by a developer. If you don't have this set up and you require this for your website, please raise a support ticket or speak to your volcanic account manager. 

Similar to pages, your branches can belong to parents, for example within the UK you may have a number of branches: UK would be the parent branch and Stockport would fall under this branch. So, we are going to make UK the parent.

You can then add the main contact details for this branch such as email, phone number and address.

You can amend the position this branch will appear on the branches page; so we'll make this the top branch. 

You can add opening times, manager details, social details.

You can also define the latitude and longitude of your branch location if you wish to display this on a map.

Once you've added all the information, click the submit button and you will be then be taken back to the branches homepage, where you will see that your new branch has been added. From here, you can re-order the branch, you can view it, you can edit it and you can delete it.