How to suspend a client

If you are no longer working with a client, you may need to suspend them from your website. This feature removes the client and any user's associated with them from your website. Find out how to do this in this short how-to video.

Hello everyone, today I'm going to show you how to suspend a client on your volcanic website. 

Firstly what is a suspended client? Well if a client is suspended this means the client will no longer be presented on your website and any users associated with that client will no longer have access.

So in the top menu of your site admin, go to Your Website and then within the Content section go to Clients. 

Find the client you're looking for from the client table or perhaps you might want to use the search tool and you will then be able to edit the client record by clicking the edit icon. 

Now if you scroll down, you will come across the suspended checkbox. Click this box to suspend a client and all users that belong to it. 

And then click the submit button to save your changes.