Unsubscribing from email notifications


Should a candidate wish to stop receiving emails from your website, then all they have to do is click the unsubscribe link available in any of the emails they have been sent. This will stop our platform from sending them emails from that moment onwards.

The only exception is password reset emails, which will be sent regardless of a user's unsubscribe status.


Once a candidate is unsubscribed, they will have a panel on their candidate dashboard notifying them that they are no longer receiving emails. This panel includes a button that will allow them to enable email notifications at any time.


If a candidate wishes to disable job alerts but still receive other emails, then they need to adjust their alert frequency to "Never", also via the candidate dashboard.


Please Note: If your site was released before the unsubscribe links feature was available, you will need to contact support so they can ensure it starts appearing on your emails.