What are 301 Redirects?

Volcanic sets up the first 10 pages of redirects for every site. This area, where you are able to view and edit/add redirects is only available on certain contracts. If this is something your current package doesn’t entitle you to but you would be interested, please contact a member of the team.

301 Redirects are set up in order to retain the SEO ranking of your existing site links when creating a new site with Volcanic. In addition this feature allows you to redirect links from old to new pages. These might be links which you have shared online in the past. When someone clicks on that old link, they will automatically be directed to the new one, for example the link to your previous “About Us” page will lead to your new “About Us” page. 

The redirects are displayed with the new link and underneath you will see which ‘old’ link this will lead to.  There is also a count of how many times this redirect has been used.



Who will set up my 301 Redirects?

Volcanic will enter redirects for the first 10 pages on Google. This is based on 10 items per page. This is done straight after your site goes live.  As you create more pages on your site, you will need to go into your redirects area and set up the redirects.

How do I set up 301 Redirects?

Step 1 Click on the blue button at the top of the page which says “New Redirect”

This will take you to a new redirect form which looks like this:



Step 2 When entering a URL, you need to take the part after the domain. Please make sure you include this or the redirect won’t work!

For example:


          You would need to enter: /about/about-us

You will need to enter the old link in the “Source Path” field. Then enter either the relevant page on the new site from the drop down, or enter the destination path manually (a URL that you can paste in)

Step 3 Remember to save every redirect you enter using the blue “Save” button.