What are SEO Settings?

This area is only available on certain contracts. If this is something your current package doesn’t entitle you to but you would be interested, please contact a member of the team.

The SEO Settings area enables us to give unique meta titles and descriptions for pages that are automatically created on the platform, specifically for all jobs, blogs and consultant pages. Meta titles and descriptions are bits of text that are not visible to your site visitors but provide important information to search engines.

Volcanic will provide default settings, using tags in each area which means the keywords will automatically adapt and be relevant to the content on that particular page.

Am I able to edit the Page Titles and Meta Descriptions?

As mentioned, the titles and descriptions are done for our sites before they go live but you are able to edit both areas should you wish, just click within the text box.



On the right side of the SEO Settings page in the admin area, there is a list of available tags. These can be dragged and dropped within the Title and Description boxes.



The tags refer to the following:

  • {{site_name}}            The website name (e.g. Volcanic)
  • {{location_name}}        The location of the company (e.g. Stockport)
  • {{job_type_name}}        The name of the job (e.g. Software Developer)
  • {{job_sector}}            The sector the job is in (e.g. IT)
  • {{job_ref}}            The unique job reference
  • {{job_title}}            Job title (e.g. Catering Assistant)
  • {{job_location}}        Where the job is based
  • {{job_type}}            Type of job (e.g. Full Time)
  • {{job_discipline}}        The discipline the jobs is in
  • {{blog_title}}            Name of the blog (e.g. Ten Ways to Recruit People)
  • {{consultant_name}}        Name of consultant (e.g. Joe Bloggs)
  • {{linkedin_profile}}        Link to LinkedIn profile
  • {{client_name}}        Client company name

You can also access and edit the Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions from the front end of the site. Please see related article ‘How to Edit Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions’ for more information.